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Precision Piston Pumps

50 to 5000 micro liter full stroke dispense volumes 99.5% Accuracy
< .2% CV Precision
Integrated 3 way Valve available
Flushed Seal available
Manifold version available
10 Million+ cycle Life expectancy
Acrylic, Ultem or PEEK body materials
Ceramic or PEEK piston materials

Solenoid Diaphragm Pumps

Self Priming
20 to 250 micro liter dispense volumes
¼-28 or 5/16-24 ports
+/- 5% repeatability
Manifold mounting available
Teflon, PEEK, PPS or Delrin Bodies
Teflon, EPDM, Viton or perflouroelastomer components

Brushless Motor Driven Pumps

Long Life Quiet DC Motors
Low Power Consumption
Single or Dual Head Versions
Flows to 4 LPM
Pressures to 20 PSI
Vacuum to 25 hg

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