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Pressure Switches

15 PSI to 7,500 PSI Pressure Ranges
Brass or 316 Stainless Steel Construction
Teflon, Buna, Viton, EPDM or Neoprene Diaphragms available
Multiple Electrical connections available.

Pressure Transducers

Vacuum to 30,000 PSI pressure ranges available
17-4 or 316 Stainless Steel Diaphragms
Accuracies as low as .08%
Sanitary Diaphragms available
Multiple electrical connections
Millivolt, Voltage or milliamp outputs

Liquid Level Controls

Single point, Multi point or Continuous Monitoring
Contact and Non-contact Sensors
Multiple Plastic and Metal Materials available
Switch closure or Proportional Outputs
Multiple Electrical Terminations available

Flow Switches and Sensors

Switch Closure or Continuous Outputs available
Flow ranges from .1 to 60 GPM
Plastic, Brass and 316 Stainless Steel Materials available

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